St. Peter Catholic School promotes a learning environment focused on each student meeting or exceeding Oregon State Standards for Public Schools.  Each student will be expected to participate readily in daily classroom activities.  Each student will be expected to complete all assigned work in a timely manner and to a level of accomplishment consistent with the state standards.  Homework will be expected on a regular basis from all students.  Parents are encouraged to observe and assist their children in this endeavor.  Annual testing is conducted and each student's progress will be given to parents to track their student's successes and areas of need.  The administration will readily receive input from all parents and respond accordingly within the policies and procedures approved by the SAC.  Students with special abilities and needs will be given opportunities to work in these areas of interest or need.  Students who excel in specific areas will be given the skills to advance their study with minimal support from their teachers so that these students can guide themselves in new exploits.  Students needing extra assistance will be given every opportunity to practice skills toward mastery and will be encouraged to seek assistance outside of the regular school day. St Peter Common Core letter St Peter Common Core question & answers Pre-K Curriculum Kindergarten Curriculum First Grade Curriculum Second Grade Curriculum Third Grade Curriculum Fourth Grade Curriculum          
  1. 2nd Quarter Awards

    January 24 @ 8:00 am
  2. 100th Day of School!

    January 26
  3. Catholic Schools Week

    January 28 - February 4
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